September 2014 saw NEXUS, our new arts, performance and music festival, descend upon Leeds City Centre for it’s very first year. NEXUS is all about championing emerging northern talent. Over the year we will be searching for artists across all art forms who we believe represent the best of us. Get in touch if you want us to see your work!


What is NEXUS all about?

Think local arts, theatre and music.
Think opening up access to non-traditional public and popular spaces.
Think bringing together new audiences with new art forms.
Think gospel choirs, pop up theatre, magic, comedy, bands and visual art.
Think hula hoops, opera, digital art, sculptures and street dance.
This is what NEXUS is all about.

But, most of all, NEXUS is about you: the talented, eclectic, creative people of Leeds and the diverse audiences who are ready to be entertained, enlightened and generally have damn good time!

Why does NEXUS exist?

The Brick Wall
Artists, performers and creatives
The general Public
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Where did we come from?

Wandering creatives were found.
WYTN was born to help create unity.
They created a platform.
That platform grew.
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Get Involved

September 2015 may seem quite a while away but there’s a lot to do!

If you have some new work you’d like to showcase, if you’re a local business looking to support some local art and live music, if you’re looking for a independent festival to support by attending… then we’d love for you to get involved.

If you are an artist, a painter, a performer, a dance troupe, an opera group, a sculptor, a musician, a theatre maker, a visual artist, a digital artist, a filmmaker or anything that fits in between then get in touch and let us know so we can come and see your work.

We’ll be handpicking the very best of our local talent in order to ensure the highest quality at NEXUS. Why? Because if we’re drawing in new audiences, we want them to see the best!


We’re going to need a great team behind us if we’re going to make NEXUS run smoothly. Whether you can help us for a day or for the whole weekend, we definitely want you! We need you to be committed and on the ball, but don’t worry - we’ll have a training day during the lead up week to ensure everyone knows their role and is confidently happy with what needs to be done.

Drop us an email on info@nexus-leeds.co.uk to let us know you’re interested.

Latest News

Hope & Social at The Wardrobe

Leeds List break our second big announcement! HOPE & SOCIAL will be playing The Wardrobe as our Sunday Headliner! :)

Check out the article here!


We’ve done it!

We have hit our target of £2,775 on indiegogo, with 30 hours to spare!

This means that we get to keep the money the Arts Council have given us for N E X U S (phew) and it’s all steam ahead for the festival!

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Crowd Funding

We need YOUR help! Though we are supported by funding from Arts Council England, as a condition of the funding we have to match fund £2,500. What happens if we don’t? We’ll have to give our Arts Council funding back.

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Contact Us

Email is often the best so we’d suggest you contact us through info@nexus-leeds.co.uk